The Jewish National Goal

by Steven Shamrak.

Many Jewish groups, organizations and individuals are actively involved in signing petitions, writing letters and monitoring anti-Semitism worldwide. These are very important activities, but they all are missing direction.

Jews must unite behind the most important objective - the Jewish National goal: "Jewish people have the right to live in peace on all Jewish ancestral land". Only by uniting behind the National Goal will Jews have the chance to survive the modern, internationally orchestrated, anti-Jewish onslaught!

This is the only goal that is worthwhile to pursue. It is the right of the Jewish people and must be pursued regardless of a political affiliation and external factors such as the Arab intentions to destroy Israel, and international anti-Semitism! It is the national right that the Jewish people have dreamed about for 2000 years! Therefore, regardless of the political affiliation of any Jewish group, political party or individual, communist or capitalist; Orthodox, Secular or Atheist - all of them can support and be united behind this goal. And it would not contradict their ideology.

It is impossible to achieve anything without setting an objective. We need to revive, re-ignite and be clear about the Jewish National Goal and aspirations. We cannot afford to waste any more time. Our enemies declared their intention clearly, recently and in the past. Our ambiguity is just strengthening them and inflaming their hate!

Jewish national aspirations are not against Arabs or Muslims. It is about the identity and rights of the Jewish people. The International community has done everything possible to deny Jewish people the achievement of our destiny. The time has come to take control of our own destiny!

The useless internal political bickering has to be stopped. The Jewish National Goal must be the main priority and motivation for all Israeli politicians, Jewish people, and organizations around the world. The personal ego has to be put aside. This idea is the only one that can unite the Jewish people.

History is full of examples of a great number of people who became idealistic and enthusiastic when they aspired to achieve of seemingly, unattainable goals. They were unstoppable and pursued worthwhile goals with zeal.

Jews have this goal embedded in the Jewish soul. It would be more natural and easier for Jews to support the creation of the Jewish state on all Jewish lands. On the contrary, it is unnatural and self-destructive to impose on Israel the agenda of our enemies and the duplicity of their supporters!

Updated: July 19 2022